Ongoing Class Schedule

4th Quarter break weeks: Nov 25, Dec 23 & 30

(no classes those weeks)


4pm -Beginner's Course (starts 1/14) -TBD

6:00pm -Mixed Level Yoga


7:30am -Early Bird Yoga (1-hour)

10:00am -Mixed Level Yoga

Noon -Chair & Standing Yoga (1-hour)

6:30pm -Beginner's Course (starts 1/15)


5:45pm -Stretching (1-hour)

7:00pm - Mixed Level Yoga


all classes 90-minute, unless noted

Workshop Schedule

Please register 2 weeks before workshop


2019-20 Workshops (dates TBD)

Let us know if you have interest:

Yoga for Stress Relief -December -Date TBD

Restorative Yoga - January -Date TBD

Teaching your Children (& Grandchildren) Yoga & Meditation - Jan DateTBD

The Chakras - February -Date TBD

Day-trip to Yogaville - March -Date TBD

Intro to Yoga Philosophy - April -Date TBD

Yoga for High Blood Pressure - May -Date TBD

Yoga for Brain Function

Intro to Meditation 

Yoga for Insomnia

Advancing Your Meditation

Yoga Diet, Detoxing & Fasting for Health 

Yoga for Managing Depression 

Pranayama/Bandha: Breath & Energy

Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Advanced Asana

Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Golfers

Yoga for Equestrians

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